DFH Ergonomics Ltd

DFH Ergonomics Ltd are leading consultants in the Handling and Safe Movement of People and other Loads in the health care and ancillary areas. We run courses for NHS Trusts, Social Care, Care Homes and Individuals in the healthcare settings.

We also run public courses held in a premier location in London.

Here at DFH Ergonomics Ltd we offer a wide variety of different services. Take a look at our courses for the Handling & Safe Moving of People and other Loads. You can be assured that support and guidance will be offered after the event. Our 5 day Risk Assessor & Key Trainer Course in People Handling is accredited by The Charted Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors. On completion of this course we will give you 3 years of telephone & email support when required at no extra charge.

The 1 & 2 Day Update for Risk Assessors & Key Trainers will give you 1 year of telephone & email support at no extra charge.

In house course's can be tailor made to suit your business requirements.

DFH Ergonomics Ltd uses up to date Case Studies from depersonalised Court Reports that have been produced by our Expert Witness.

DFH Ergonomics Ltd has all the necessary expertise to carry out Risk Assessments in all types of settings. Using our Consultancy expertise will assist you to bring about the best possible solutions to challenges & potential issues.

So If you are feeling:

  • Under pressure from new Rules & Regulations?
  • Worried about Litigation?

Look no further! DFH Ergonomics Ltd has the answers for you.