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D.F.H. Ergonomics are leading consultants in the Handling and Safe Movement of patient's and other loads in the health services and ancillary areas.

Danielle Holmes is a lecturer who has specialized in the handling and safe movement of patients and other loads. She is widely recognised as one of the leading experts in this field. She is committed to improving techniques to reduce the number of injuries being suffered by nurses and others caring for people. Danielle is equally committed to reducing the injuries to patients and the damage to their mobility and recovery caused by inappropriate manual handling.

She contributed a large proportion of the practical section of the latest edition of the Guide to the Handling of Patients. This is widely regarded as the leading publication in the field of patient handling.

Danielle has a wide knowledge of Safe Handling and Moving techniques. She uses this knowledge to help management and staff to see how they can, simply, solve their problems and stop injuries. She is accomplished at overcoming the natural resistance to the changes which need to be introduced.

Danielle has been a nurse since she completed her initial training at St Mary's Hospital Praed Street London in 1971. She became a tutor in 1982. Danielle has worked at:-

The American Hospital in Paris
Cuckfield Hospital
The Princess Grace Hospital
Medway Hospital
St Thomas' Hospital
Lewisham and Guys Hospitals

Danielle has several areas of activity:-

Through her own organisation she provides consultation to hospitals and nursing homes in all aspects of safe handling and movement. The services which are available include a range of training courses for staff, key trainers and general staff.

She acts as Expert Witness in cases where nurses and other carers are seeking compensation for injuries. Danielle has been consulted in over 900 cases. She acts on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. She has been asked to act in cases involving patients who have been injured as well as accidents to nurses and carers.

Danielle has obtained her Masters Degree in Health Ergonomics at the University of Surrey. Her thesis investigated handling injuries to nurses, carers and patients in the health care setting.

Danielle has spoken on safe handling and movement of patients and loads at a number of seminars and conferences.

Danielle has produced the following publications:

Julien D. (1986) Learning to Care on the Orthopaedic Ward Hodder and Stoughton.

Pheasant S, Holmes D, Stubbs (1991) Back Pain in Nurses: Some Ergonomic Factors Paper presented at the Ergonomic Conference on the 18th April 1991

Holmes D, (1994) Implications of the EC Manual Handling of Loads Directive for Nurse Managers. British Journal of Nursing 3(22):1173-1178.

Lloyd P., Fletcher B., Holmes D., Tarling C., Tracy M., Revised 4th Ed : (February 1998). The Guide to The Handling of Patients. The National Back Pain Association in collaboration with the Royal College of Nursing.

Holmes D, Safer Handling in a Surgical Unit, in Manley K., Bellman L., (2000) Surgical Nursing - Advancing Practice, Churchill Livingstone, pp 605-636